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Now you can have the power to achieve !!!

There are numerous skills
that were thought to be psychic,
miracles, shamanism or magic in the past.
In fact, by now you know that all these skills are
powerful technology, which is based on the science of
life energy, and you can use this technology with the same
ease that it takes to watch TV, to use a telephone or to drive a car.

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The Super Manifestation Software
The Super Manifestation Software Simply Spells Success !!!
You can get this extra powerful energy now and take control
of love, money, business, fitness, sports and life itself !!!
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WELCOME TO the Super Manifestation™ Program! This extraordinary software offers you the ultimate flexibility! In fact, its unique design allows you to emulate any manifestation software, magical, radionic, miracle, spiritual, etc., on the market.

Therefore the Super Manifestation Software is exciting new technology that is specifically designed for you so that you can have the most powerful and versatile tool to achieve TOTAL SUCCESS !!!

In fact, this extraordinary and powerful technology of manifestation upon which you are about to embark was the result of a thorough understanding of ancient knowledge in the light of modern science.  This ancient knowledge can now be explained as part of the new science of orgone physics, or the physics of life force: This is so, because by now we know that actions at a distance resulting in influences upon nature and human beings, or trends of destiny, are the result of the properties of life force: reversed entropy and direct transfer of full at any distance by way od structural links.  In fact, this theoretical basis of action at a distance has been established by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of the Chi Generator®.

Based on this path breaking new understanding of action at a distance combined with his truly revolutionary invention, the Chi Generator®, which is a generator of life force that has never been seen on this planet before, he developed new methods and equipment that makes it easy for you to actually create any trend energy towards anything that you desire. 

Above all, the Super Manifestation™ Software, with all its versatility, ultimate flexibility and power is extremely user friendly and to set it up for any specific purpose is as easy as 1-2-3!

It comes with many templates and it boasts a multitude of backgrounds to choose from.

You can best see the features of this extraordinary new program on

the Super Manifestation™ Program - Startup Screen:

 Load existing files or templates,
 Set up program with up to 28 Positions
 Design you own programs and templates
 Define the basic function of each position in a template
 Describe the specific function in the program
 Determine sequence of orgone transfer from position to position
 Install specific sound in each position, or an affirmation for each position
 Set radionic rate in each position, if desired
 Edit positions of a template any time
 Export function to exchange templates and programs with other users
 Set any desired background
 Define location on screen of each position
 Set timer when the program is to operate
Run many programs simultaneously

 With the "barrage" you can set up several programs to run one after the other.

The program is designed for operation with a Chi Generator®, the life force of which makes it very effedctive - the stronger the chi generator, the more operations you can run simultaneously.

Warning!  The Super Manifestation™ program is protected by internal settings (structural links) against any form of illegal use, use of unauthorized and/or bootlegged copy or any other program that contains ideas adapted from this program, whether purchased from and unauthorized dealer or received otherwise. It is certainly a bad idea and dangerous to misjudge the potentially grave consequences of such action!


Manifestation work towards a new and successful relationship, using the "Attract Partner" filter card.

when the program is operating, the Chi transfer diagram moves from position to position, thus energizing the whole operation with life force coming from a Chi Generator®

This exciting new possibility became reality as a result of research that was conducted by Karl Hans Welz, which led to a new understanding of all action at a distance. In fact, the CFP (common functional principle) of all action at a distance is the same, be it telepathy, remote viewing, "treasure mapping", Reiki, spiritual work, shamanic practice or anything else, and this includes even the action of the planets upon our planet and upon individuals living on it.  See www.orgonetec.com

Life Force, Manifestation Techniques and Action at a Distance
Study the diagrams below to know how it works.
Click here for a free life energy transfer test
This is the diagram of a typical operation at a distance that lacks the supply of life force, usually because the practitioner is unaware of the importance of life force. Some life force is drawn from the surroundings or the equipment and practitioner. Results are possible. This type operation has a high rate of failure!
The same operation at a distance as above, when performed by a knowledgeable practitioner who supplies the operation with life force, either his or her own energy using various practices or raising energy together with a group (as in many religious practices). In some more traditional approaches killing ("sacrificing") a chicken or other animal to release its life force is still practiced. Good results!
Same operation at a distance, with a continuous supply of massive amounts of life force from a Chi Generator®! The continuous supply of life force keeps the projected trend energies going. Results can come fast. Success can be possible also in situations where everything else seems to fail!
Reliable Results!

The Super Manifestation™ Program goes beyond mere trend- and target settings by including up to 28 more positions, which you can label individually such as basic action, alternative target (can be used for grounding in case of repercussion) and trend in the environment. It is digitally connected with a Generator of Bio Energy (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator®) for powerful action! Extremely Flexible and Successful!

Important: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will naturally be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts in some people. One of these words is “magick”. Actually, what most people call “magick” simply is powerful action at a distance, which by now is scientificaly explained and the effect of which you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with all other action at a distance such as treasure mapping, shamanic practices, miracle work, spiritual work and radionics. You will learn more about structural links later! It is a well-known fact that the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends originally implanted these fears and doubts. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! After all, just about every shepherd wants as many obeying sheep as possible ...  So we decided to use the word “magick” and other similar words whenever they are the best choice to accurately describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.

Super Manifestation Program Templates
A few examples

5 Positions for success and standing power

5 Positions for general purpose and protection
Rune Circle playing the sounds for each Rune, ideal for Rune meditation to connect with the creative energies of the universe
6 Positions for general purpose

Chakra balancing - the empty position is reserved for the person whose chakras are balanced.

2 Positions for erotic attraction and power
6 Positions with Germanic deities for ceremonial purposes, also for general success.
Of course you can design any template and use the "export" function in the program to exchange templates and files with other users of this extremely powerful and versatile Manifestation Program

With our equipment, i.e., the Chi Generators®, we have conducted double blind experiments. We have demonstrated that equivalent structural links (abstractions such as arbitrarily set rates in a radionics device, or archetypal symbols) allow transfer of life force as effectively as near-identical links do.

On the other hand, traditional practitioners could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago! All their work and experience have been based on the principle of life force transfer at any distance. They had the experience; therefore, they needed no experimental proof.

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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™

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